Orange Wine

In Orange Wine, a novel set in Colombia during the early part of the twentieth century, Ines Camargo divides her life between two men. First she falls in love with and marries the dashing Alessandro Scala, son of Italian immigrants who leaves her for her sister Isabel. Ines then moves to Bogota with her newborn daughter and three-year-old son. While living there she meets Regulo Vaca Pineros, an ambitious man from Somondoco who is working for the Belgians that own the Railroad Company in Colombia. Ines and Regulo remain together until Alessandro returns and her sisters pressure Ines to go back to him. Regulo and Ines live apart for many years. However, their dialogue continues through letters long after Regulo has found comfort in other women's arms. Theirs is a love outside the boundaries of marriage and Catholicism, a love healed by the orange wine Regulo makes.

The passion I felt for Regulo came upon me so suddenly, I did not know how to adjust to it. For the first time I understood what it felt like to learn a foreign language and one day discover that the world is somehow different and richer because of a new vocabulary to describe the self and those around it. Now I knew why Mother wrote poetry, why she tended her rose garden with such care. Beauty, like love, must have its caretakers.
— Orange Wine, 2004